Bensenville 2.0: Facts You Should Know

For more than two years, the Bensenville Park District Board of Commissioners have received multiple, unsolicited inquiries from private development companies that are interested in discussing opportunities to redevelop certain acres of land that comprise the White Pines Golf Club. Given the commissioners’ responsibility to explore any options to improve all facets of the district for the benefit of park patrons, the district has been considering all aspects and implications of a potential sale of up to 125 acres of land currently being used by White Pines. As a result, the district has submitted a conceptual plan that describes operational challenges it faced before and after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan includes the reasons to consider the sale of certain acres of land.

Now called “Bensenville 2.0,” the project is still in an exploratory phase, which includes proposing options for the use of any proceeds generated from the sale of any White Pines property. If approved, these proceeds could be used to upgrade, repair and replace some facilities. Once thoroughly vetted and approved, the sale of certain White Pines acres would be a significant economic engine that would produce resources to support district-wide indoor and outdoor capital improvement projects and programming. Those projects would improve virtually every aspect of the district’s operations to benefit patrons of all ages.

One possible improvement and addition under consideration would be the construction of an indoor aquatic facility that would replace the current outdoor pool. The facility would provide year-round programs for residents, including swimming lessons, swim team, lap swimming, open swim, senior swim, swim fitness classes, lifeguard training and various other swim programs.

In the event of a redevelopment, the Board of Commissioners would consider options including infrastructure additions and upgrades that would provide new, contemporary amenities for children, young adults, seniors and families in the district. The Bensenville 2.0 plan includes new recreational facilities, parks and programming for Bensenville and Wood Dale residents.

The redevelopment project could feature outdoor baseball and softball diamonds, multipurpose athletic fields, outdoor soccer fields and other leisure and recreational amenities for Bensenville residents of all ages and interests.

The Board appointed Executive Director Joseph Vallez to manage all phases of the study and act as the official spokesperson. Contact him at

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