Bensenville Taxing Bodies Joint Efforts Against COVID-19

In Bensenville we pride ourselves on offering great schools as well as diverse social programing for residents of all ages.  We also know that protecting the public’s health is a paramount concern. That said, in light of the expanding COVID-19 threat, the taxing bodies in Bensenville have jointly agreed to temporarily suspend school as well as postpone all events and programing for three weeks. This includes Blackhawk Middle School, Tioga Elementary School, W.A. Johnson Elementary School and Fenton High School. The Library and recreational buildings will also be closed to visitors. We will use this time to refocus on our core missions and utilize additional resources to ensure clean and healthy facilities once schools and community programming resume on April 6th, 2020.

It is important to remember that there are currently no known cases of COVID-19 in our community. By preemptively suspending school and social gatherings, we hope that we can limit any potential exposure to this virus. During this time, we ask that all residents stay home and avoid large groups; minimizing social interactions and avoiding physical contact is a proven way to slow the spread of this virus.

As a reminder, while the current risk to residents remains low, we encourage everyone to take precautions including avoiding contact with those who are sick, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, stay home when you are sick, clean and disinfect frequently touched objects in your home or business and wash your hands with soap and water frequently.  We remain in constant communication with the DuPage County Health Department, and we will continue to take the necessary actions to protect our community and keep residents informed with any and all updates. 

If you have questions regarding individual programming, please check the appropriate website for additional information.

Bensenville Park District: or (630) 766-7015

Bensenville Community Public Library: or (630) 766-4642

Bensenville School District 2: or (630) 766-5940

Fenton High School: or (630) 766-2500

Village of Bensenville: or (630) 350-3420


The Bensenville Taxing Bodies

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