Park district fitness supervisor offers holiday health tips

Silvia Acevedo offers four ways to stay fit during the ‘most wonderful time of the year’

Bensenville, Ill.—It can be hard to stay fit or even to maintain the same weight during the holiday season, but Bensenville Park District Fitness Supervisor Silvia Acevedo has some practical advice on how to stay fit and healthy during the holidays.

Acevedo recently shared the following four holiday health concepts on the “Spotlight on Bensenville” cable television program: set realistic expectations, plan ahead, keep it quick and consistent and take advantage of seasonal offerings.

Acevedo says it’s okay to relax a little with fitness goals during the holidays, recognizing that it is often a time of great stress.

“Goals should be realistic and achievable, focusing on maintenance, she says. “You can stay active and enjoy all the festivities without feeling overwhelmed.”

Acevedo says planning ahead is another key to success.

“Planning ahead for the busy holidays helps you figure out your options to get your workouts in with the understanding that a plan B might be necessary, so consider those plan B’s ahead of time,” she says.

If hitting the road during the holidays, consider hotels with pools and fitness facilities. If those are not available, there are fitness apps that may be used or consider bringing fitness equipment such as elastic bands on the trip. She also says to research nearby trails to run, walk or hike to stay active.

If staying at home, she suggests wearing running or walking shoes and taking every opportunity to walk; use the stairs when possible. She also says shoveling snow is a great way to exercise.

Being consistent, even if it’s just for 15 to 20 minutes a day, is enough to make a difference.

“Plan for a 15-to-20-minute workout,” Acevedo says, noting the best time is in the morning. “Waking up 30 minutes earlier will keep you on track without distractions, plus it will give you the energy you need for the busy and festive day ahead of you.”

Finally, Acevedo says to take advantage of seasonal offerings to maximize value and minimize effects on the budget.

“There are plenty of seasonal promotions available that can help you remain on track with your fitness goals,” she explains. “Keep an eye on special class packages and membership specials. For example, Wood Street Fitness if offering a special for fitness center memberships and also unlimited group fitness class passes that includes the rest of 2022 free when you purchase an annual membership for 2023.”

Check out the park district’s fun, holiday themed fitness class schedule here.

For more information about Wood Street Fitness, group fitness class schedules and rates, visit or call the Bensenville Park District at 630-766-7015. Wood Street Fitness is located inside the Deer Grove Leisure Center, 1000 W. Wood Street, Bensenville.

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