Fine Arts.
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We believe that the Arts play a big part in fostering creativity in youth, it allows youth an environment to express themselves through music, art, and performance. While having fun and expressing themselves, your child is learning the importance of perseverance and focus. Practicing that ukulele or piano week after week, then nailing that song for the first time, will give your child a sense of both excitement and accomplishment. We rotate through our Fine Arts Programs, so be sure to check back each season for our offerings.


Highlighted Programs

NEW! Beginning Painting

In this class you’ll discover the methods, materials and tools used by all the great painters of history. We’ll learn about the fundamentals of painting, such as blending and balance, and learn how to paint from both observation and imagination.

Guitar Lessons

Does your child want to be a Guitar Hero? Now they can learn how! In this group oriented, introductory class for young players, you’ll learn how to strum a guitar, play chords, read music, and have a great time! Give your child the opportunity to develop a skill they can use for the rest of their life!

Clay Play

Take a lump of clay, put it in your hands, and experience endless creative possibilities. You will learn pottery basics and new hand building skills like pinching, slab and rolling, to creat sculptural pieces to take home.

View all Youth Fine Arts Programs