Statement from the Bensenville Park District Board of Commissioners

After careful consideration, significant research and input from Bensenville Park District residents, the Bensenville Park District Board of
Commissioners has made the informed decision to cease considering the unsolicited inquiries the Board has received over the past two years from private development companies interested in redeveloping certain acres of land that comprise the White Pines Golf Club.

Before concluding that continued review of inquiries is not in the best interest of the District, the Board had been exercising its fiduciary
responsibility to explore options to improve the District to benefit park patrons of all ages and interest. The district had been openly considering the benefits, challenges and implications of a potential sale of any White Pines land.

For the past few years, Village residents, elected officials, park patrons, school district officials and BPD partners, among others, attended Board meetings and town halls to share their concerns or support with exploring opportunities to upgrade Park District facilities and programs as outlined in the ongoing District planning called “Bensenville Park District 2.0.”

The White Pines exploratory plan included the reasons to consider the sale of certain acres of land and highlighted proposed options for the use of any proceeds generated from the sale of any White Pines property to upgrade, repair and replace some facilities.

Now, however, the Board of Commissioners has decided to begin laying the groundwork to present to the Park District voters later this year a $20
million referendum to fund improvements and upgrades at White Pines. Additional information will be provided in the coming weeks about this process and plan.

Bensenville Park Board of Commissioners

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