Staff Directory

Management Staff

Joseph C. Vallez
Executive Director
630-766-7015 ext.107

Evelyn Struck
Superintendent of Finance & HR
630-766-7015 ext.106

Luis Aguinaga
Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds
630-766-7015 ext.110

Michael Hayes, CPRP
Superintendent of Recreation
630-767-7015 ext.111

Phyllis Schmidt, CPRP
Manager of Special Services
630-766-7015 ext.105

Office Personnel

Ana Lopez
Finance & HR Supervisor
630-766-7015 ext.109

Laura Borshell
Front Desk Manager
630-766-7015 ext.114

Yolanda Medina (Spanish)
Customer Service
630-766-7015 ext.101

Recreation Staff

Trent Grossman 
Recreation Supervisor
630-766-7015 ext.113

Lisa Semetko, CPRP
Recreation Supervisor
(youth, teen, special events)
630-766-7015 ext.122

Shane Varvil
Recreation Supervisor
(adult athletics, youth programing, youth athletics)
630-766-7015 ext.124

Todd Linder, CPRP
Fitness and Aquatics Supervisor
630-766-7015 ext. 123

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