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Morning Wildflower Walks

Greet the morning with a calm walk with the wildflowers. We’ll talk about the different types of flowers that grow natively in Illinois, which are invasive, and how you can best help protect the delicate tall grass prairies.

Poetry Workshop

Are you interested in poetry? Each week we’ll learn about a new style of poetry, practice crafting our own poems, and share our work with our classmates.

Haunted Naperville Ghost Walk

Get into the Halloween spirit with a relaxing stroll through historic Naperville while hearing the tales of the ghosts that haunt the city. We’ll meet at the Park District and drive to Naperville on our comfortable bus, before taking a spooky walk through the town.

Calm Coloring

During this calming program you’ll spend some time working on challenging coloring pages (designed for adults) while sipping tea and listening to relaxing music.

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