Deer Grove Leisure Center now open More Info>>; Wood Street Fitness Center open–reservations required. More Info>>
Park District Board Meeting Wednesday, January 19. More Info>>
Breiter-Palm Park is closed until further notice as a new playground is installed. More Info>>

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Highlighted Programs

Mindfulness Fundamentals

This multi-week course offers close study in a variety of mindfulness-based topics, including basic practices like body scan, sitting meditation, walking meditation, gentle stretching, and mindful communication. By the end of the course participants will feel prepared to practically integrate a variety of mindfulness practices into their daily lives.

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame plant hangers are a real flash to the past!! These pot hangers are a blast to make and give your plants a great look. Whether you are hanging from the front porch or a sunny living room, a pot hanger frees up space in the room and makes the place look wonderful.

Calm Coloring

During this calming program you’ll spend some time working on challenging coloring pages (designed for adults) while sipping tea and listening to relaxing music.

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