Board Meetings and Commissioners


The Bensenville Park District is governed by five elected officials who set the policies for the operation of the District. Park Commissioners are elected by residents of the District to a six-year term without pay.

It is only the Park Board, acting at a legally constituted meeting, which has the authority to establish or change policy, sign agreements or award contracts. The Park Board appoints an Executive Director to manage the day to day operations of the District.



Our Board

Rich Johnson, President

Valerie Karg, Vice President

Greg Linder, Treasurer

Jay Snyder, Commissioner

Nancy Gibbs, Secretary


Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote community participation in leisure activities, learning experiences, and social interactions by providing excellence in service, facilities, and programs throughout the Bensenville Park District. We enhance the quality of life through the preservation of our local history, open spaces and recreational opportunities for residents of all ages to enjoy.

Vision Statement

Our vision is for the Bensenville Park District to be an integral member of the cooperative inter-governmental group providing quality services and programming of high impact at low cost to the community. We embrace life-long learning in both recreation and leisure fostered through diverse and unique facilities. By maximizing alternative revenue sources, we are recognized for providing the highest level of services and facilities and consistently exceeding our residents’ expectations.


Board Meetings

The Bensenville Park District conducts business at monthly Board Meetings. These meetings are open to the public and are held at the Deer Grove Leisure Center.

Public Notice: The Bensenville Park District’s Committee Meeting scheduled for June 2, 2021 has been canceled.

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Agendas & Minutes

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