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The benefits to introducing your child to dance are endless. It allows them an outlet to channel all that built up energy, learn the importance of teamwork, build confidence in themselves as they master new moves, and emphasizes learning can be fun, just to name a few.

Our School of Dance and Movement offers a variety of dance classes from Ballet to Hip Hop. Our experienced instructors will ensure your child progresses as a dancer and has a blast doing so. Our Dance Studio features a spacious wood floor, full mirrors and mounted bars.

Dance Level Information

In order to help you choose the best class for your child, the School of Dance and Movement offers different levels for some classes. Expect to see more levels as we grow and expand our classes!


Intended for the first time athlete to learn the very basics and be introduced to the class. These classes will introduce body awareness and work on motor skills as well as offer a learn through play approach. These classes range from 2-5 year olds, depending on the particular class.

Level I Classes

Introducing students to the world of dance through classes with more structure and discipline. These classes will develop body awareness and placement. As well as the key points to making a routine and skills, students will learn to develop their individual passion for the sport. Level I classes are intended for 6-9 year olds.

Level II Classes

As you move your way through the school of dance and movement, you will learn to master your skills as well as develop more challenging ones. Level II classes will be taught at a faster pace and students are expected to show discipline and enthusiasm for the sport they are continuing. Here you begin setting an example of possibility to other dancers moving up in the program. These classes are created for 10-14 year olds.

Building Block Classes

These classes are made for all levels and intended for strengthening the core classes. You may take building block classes separately, or use them to challenge yourself even more. Created for the dancer who wants to take it a step further, you will find extra practice time and an opportunity to work on your individual skills.

Highlighted Dance Programs

Musical Theater

Would you like to be a performer in broadway style shows? This class will introduce students to the world of character building and exploration as well as teaching them how to dance in styles like jazz and tap. From performances like musicals to shows by the Rockettes, your dancer will surely want more!

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a style of dance that will make sure to keep you moving. If you like music that gets you out of your seat, this is the class for you. Created for dancers ready to work on their rhythm and groove, Hip Hop will be taught by individuals who know what it takes to make it to the top. This not your typical dance class because its more than choreography that makes a strong Hip Hop dancer.

Virtual Ballerina and Private Dance Lessons

Want your littlest dancer to join a group class, but want to ensure their safety? Sign them up for our virtual ballerina class. This class provides all the instruction and fun you’ve come to expect from our in-person classes, but from the safety and comfort of your own home. Our Private Dance Lessons give dancers all the benefits of our group dance classes, but in a private setting. These classes provide one-on-one instruction to give your student the individual attention they need to advance their dance skills to the next level.

View all Dance & Movement Programs