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The benefits to introducing your child to dance are endless. It allows them an outlet to channel all that built up energy, learn the importance of teamwork, build confidence in themselves as they master new moves, and emphasizes learning can be fun; just to name a few.

Our School of Dance and Movement offers a variety of dance classes from Ballet to Hip Hop. Our experienced instructors will ensure your child progresses as a dancer and has a blast doing so. Our Dance Studio features a spacious wood floor, full mirrors and mounted bars. Our dancers also yet to take center stage annual Dance Recital held every spring.

Dance Level Information

In order to help you choose the best class for your child, the School of Dance and Movement offers different levels for some classes. Expect to see more levels as we grow and expand our classes!


Very basic introduction to dance. Ages range from 4-7 years.

Level I Classes

Offer an introduction to a given style or styles of dance technique, class etiquette, and basic choreography. Ages vary. No previous dance experience required.

Level II Classes

These classes offer an intermediate approach to technique, class etiquette and choreography. A slightly faster pace teaching style allows students to grow as dancers and focus on technique, flexibility, strength, and style. Dancers retain and perform skills and routines, and will be encouraged to express themselves through performance. Approximate ages: 7-14 years. No previous dance experience required but recommended.

Level III Classes

Students will be held more accountable to retain and perform skills and routines and will be encouraged to express themselves individually through performance. Approximate ages 8-15 years or with instructor approval. Previous dance experience is preferred.

Highlighted Dance Programs

Elementary school girl dances in class, wearing flowers in her hair and a long flowing dress
Tiny Dancers

Children are introduced to dance through music, games, and creative play. Instruments, scarves, and ribbons are used in this fun, interactive class for parents and children. A parent or caregiver must attend class with the child.

Hip Hop

Dancers will learn intermediate Hip Hop moves and different styles of Hip Hop dance to upbeat Pop and latest music.



Dancers will learn the basic fundamentals of Tap dancing. This class will focus on formations, choreography, and rhythm. This is a great skill for students interested in musical theatre!

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