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Fine Arts.
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We believe that the Arts play a big part in fostering creativity in youth, it allows youth an environment to express themselves through music, art, and performance. While having fun and expressing themselves, your child is learning the importance of perseverance and focus. Practicing that flute or piano week after week, then nailing that song for the first time, will give your child a sense of both excitement and accomplishment. We rotate through our Fine Arts Programs, so be sure to check back each season for our offerings.


Highlighted Programs

Intro to Acting

Children will love this innovative drama class that helps develop their imagination and introduces them to performing arts in a fun and creative atmosphere. Each class will begin with warm-up exercises designed to get children comfortable with themselves and their classmates. Children will gain self-confidence as they learn techniques of voice projection, improvisation, emotion, character development and scene work.


Marianna Miltcheva has been a piano instructor, teaching preschool children through adults, since 1981. Marianna provides a positive atmosphere for learning, progress, and fun. Lessons include notation of music, balance of technique, sight-reading, improvising, ear-training, singing, and recitals.

Guitar Lessons

Does your child want to be a guitar hero? Now they can learn how! In this group-oriented, introductory class for young players, you’ll learn how to strum a guitar, play chords, read tabs, and have a great time!

Beginning Painting

In this class students will use acrylic paint to complete pre-drawn canvases while developing and encouraging individual expression, knowledge, and use of various media, art techniques, and the student’s individual aesthetic awareness. Students will learn the basics of working with acrylic paints, choosing brushes, and to “see” as an artist.

Family Clay Play

Help your little artist discover the wonders of clay. Guide them through exploring their creative instincts, or follow one of our design ideas. We use air-dry clay.

Painting and Pencils Workshop

This class will introduce students to drawing and painting techniques. During the first half of the class, we’ll cover sketching with pencils before moving on to exploring painting, blending techniques, layering, and color effects. Students of any level of art experience are welcome.

View all Youth Fine Arts Programs