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The Bensenville Park District offers a variety of youth programs for ages 3-12. Children can sign up for courses that incorporate nature, Legos, hot wheels, mystery boxes and more! These programs are designed to challenge the minds of your child in a playful setting. It is ultimately all about having fun and making new friends!  Join us this season and let your child have fun with us while experiencing something new!


Highlighted Programs

Plant N' Grow

You will learn what it takes to start your own garden. We will teach you how to till the plant beds, which vegetables to plant for this area and how to maintain your plants so that you can get the best harvest! This class meets at Fischer Farm.

April 13th & 17th

Wetland Walkabout

Join us as we explore Fischer Farm’s wetlands! We will see what kind of critters we can find and why they would want to live in these muddy messes.

Music Lessons

Learn guitar, piano, voice, clarinet, saxophone, or flute this summer!

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Tie Dye Training Tuesday

Tie Dye training is a fun afternoon activity for all ages. Come join us at the BPD Kiwanis shelter with what you are looking to tie dye. It is best to bring 100% cotton t-shirts or pillow cases. We will provide all materials needed except for what you are tie dying.

May 18th

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