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Youth Programming.
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The Bensenville Park District offers a variety of youth programs for ages 3-12. Children can sign up for courses that incorporate nature, Legos, hot wheels, mystery boxes and more! These programs are designed to challenge the minds of your child in a playful setting. It is ultimately all about having fun and making new friends!  Join us this season and let your child have fun with us while experiencing something new!


Highlighted Programs

Saturday STEM Challenge

Will you rise to the challenge? Aspiring scientists will put their skills to the test. This class is designed to heighten critical thinking and inspire curiosity. Each Saturday will feature new challenges, experiments, and experiences. You won’t want to miss this!

Be An Animal Keeper

Fascinated with animals and how to take care of them? Here at Fischer Farm, we can show you what it takes to be the best animal keeper there is. You can take your knowledge with you and prepare for when you will become an animal expert. Learn how to properly feed, handle, and care for our farm animals as well as our more exotic reptile friends!

Fischer Farm Programs

Everybody Loves Bugs

Do you have an odd curiosity about bugs, or maybe you aren’t such a fan? This class will teach you all about these backyard neighbors and why they are so important! Here you will learn how to identify insects as well as their body parts, and what role those parts play in their life. Hunting for these guys in our prairie, garden, and forest areas give each explorer a unique outdoor opportunity. At Fischer Farm we love our creepy critters and appreciate all the work they do for us!

Fischer Farm Programs

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