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The Bensenville Park District offers a variety of youth programs for ages 3-12. Children can sign up for courses that incorporate nature, Legos, hot wheels, mystery boxes and more! These programs are designed to challenge the minds of your child in a playful setting. It is ultimately all about having fun and making new friends!  Join us this season and let your child have fun with us while experiencing something new!


Highlighted Programs

LEGO Builders Competition

Dive into your closets and find all your LEGOs. The Bensenville Park District is holding a building competition for its community brick masters. You will have one day to complete your build.

Exotic Animal Hour with Crosstown Exotics

Join us over Zoom for an exotic animal hour that will be up close and personal with a variety of different animals. The professionals at Crosstown Exotics are excited to introduce you to their scaly friends and answer any questions you may have about the animals.

Backyard Bug Huntin’

Pick up your Bug Huntin’ kit from the Bensenville Park District and make your way outdoors. Believe it or not, there are bugs everywhere you go, and it’s your job to find them. From ants to butterflies, each specimen has something unique to share. Having a hard time identifying your creature? No problem! Join us for a chat about what you may have found and its role in the environment.

Music Lessons

Learn piano, voice, clarinet, saxophone, or flute lessons via zoom this summer!

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