Young child learning to swim.

Swim Lessons

The Swim Lesson Schedule for the 2020 season can be viewed here

Water Exploration | Ages 1-2

Children and parents are introduced to the pool through a gently structured water play. This program gives children a chance to explore the water through songs, splashing and play. Each child must be accompanied by an adult. This is not a water safety class or swim instruction but a chance for children to become more acclimated to the water. Children must wear a swim diaper under their bathing suit if they aren’t toilet trained.

Preschool + Parent | Ages 2-4

Children and parents who are ready for the next step can enjoy the same experiences they know and love from our water exploration classes, this time with kickboards, noodles and water toys to encourage swimmers to use their imaginations as they learn basic swimming skills. Swimmers gain confidence in front and back floats, submerging their face to blow bubbles, arm movements and water kicks while bonding with their parents. Children must wear a swim diaper under their bathing suit if they aren’t toilet trained.

Preschool | Ages 2-5

This class is a continuation of our Parent and Preschool level and is designed for children who are adjusted to the water without a parent. Instructors will work on further developing a foundation of beginning strokes, kicks and breathing so participants can progress into the beginner level.

Beginner | Ages 5-10

This is the perfect lesson for students with little or no swimming experience as instructors will work on building the basics of swimming. This includes front and back floating, along with arm and leg movements to develop freestyle and backstroke swimming. Participants are encouraged to remain in this level until they are comfortable with basic swimming skills before moving into the Bensenville Swim School.

Bensenville Swim School | Ages 6-14

The Bensenville Swim School is the evolution of the existing higher-level programs and still encompasses levels 2-4 and skills that were the foundation of our previous lessons. This new format will allow for swimmers to better develop their talents and abilities. On the first day, participants will be re-evaluated to ensure proper placement in the swim school program. All Swim School levels are taught at a 1:6 ratio Instructor to students. Once your child is placed in a group, they will learn and develop skills with similar swimmers at their level. This will allow us to continue to develop the swimmers and not be confined by only the skills of one level.

Private Lessons | Ages 3+

Lessons offer exclusive one-on-one instruction tailored to the student’s needs. If the times listed don’t work, patrons may coordinate a time that is convenient by contacting the Deer Grove Leisure Center at 630-766-7015.

Summer 2020 2.0 Program Guide