Bensenville Park District 2.0 Update | May 26, 2022 

The Bensenville Park District would like to thank all that attended the Bensenville Park District 2.0 (BPD 2.0) Informational Meeting Wednesday, May 25, at the Deer Grove Leisure Center.

The meeting allowed positive dialogue about potential plans and showcased conceptual drawings of possible park and facility improvements throughout the entire community.

The park district presented a brief overview that included how BPD 2.0 came out of the completion of the district’s 2017 master plan and the approval of Resolution 287, the re-annexation of the White Pines Golf Club into the Village of Bensenville. Resolution 287 is an agreement between the village and park district that highlighted possible future development opportunities.

The district stressed the importance of developing sustainable revenue streams to support the expansion of park facilities and upgrades.

The park district also reaffirmed that no outcomes have been determined and that all options for any movement forward are open for discussion. The district will continue fact finding and collect community feedback in a variety of ways, including future forums, a community survey and potential to weigh in at the polls.

The Bensenville Park District will continue to share real time updates via multiple platforms on the progress this initiative, including a microsite.

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