Park district’s Natural Adventurers to learn about nature this summer

Bensenville, Ill.— The Bensenville Park District is excited to introduce its new Natural Adventurers program, specifically designed for children ages 2-5, offering outdoor exploration and education for young nature enthusiasts. This engaging program will take place at Breiter-Palm Park and Varble Woods, providing an opportunity for children to connect with nature and discover the wonders of the outdoors.

The Natural Adventurers program is tailored to the developmental needs and interests of young children, aiming to foster a love for the environment from an early age. Through age-appropriate activities, guided exploration, and hands-on experiences, participants will have the chance to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the natural world.

The program runs from 2-3 p.m., kicking off at Breiter-Palm Park, followed by sessions on June 15 at Varble Woods, July 20 at Breiter-Palm Park, and August 17 at Varble Woods. Each session will offer a unique theme and engage children in interactive discussions and age-appropriate activities.

“The Natural Adventurers program provides a wonderful opportunity for young children to connect with nature and embark on exciting outdoor adventures,” says Recreation Supervisor Breana Aponte. “By fostering a sense of curiosity and wonder, we aim to ignite a lifelong love for the environment in our youngest community members.”

As part of the Natural Adventurers program, children will engage in age-appropriate activities such as nature walks, sensory experiences, animal observation, and creative play. Guided by experienced instructors, the program will focus on nurturing a sense of wonder, developing fine and gross motor skills, and cultivating a positive connection to the natural world.

The program fee for each session is $3, with a discounted rate of $2 for children residing in-district. Parents or guardians should register their children in advance to secure their spot in the program. Registration can be done in person at the Deer Grove Leisure Center, 1000 W. Wood Street.

For more information about the Natural Adventurers program check out the Bensenville Park District Summer Program Guide, visit or contact the park district at 630-766-7015.

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